[Important] How to use cheep drawings

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[Important] How to use cheep drawings Empty [Important] How to use cheep drawings

Post by Cheep on Fri Jul 31, 2015 8:59 am

Hey everyone, this is probably the most imprtant section in all the forum.  
In here you can share your own drawings of the character that all we know: Cheep!

There are not a lot of rules, but keep in mind that you cannot spam your drawings!
This could be Arrow annoying for the community. Exclamation so try to share only your best creations.

Remember also to respect the people who post their cheep drawing and try to help them giving you opinions and your advices.
Enjoy the forum! cheers

[Important] How to use cheep drawings ITXSd[Important] How to use cheep drawings 9v9T6[Important] How to use cheep drawings OhEMu <--touch them to feed them!! thanks Very Happy

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