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Post by Cheep on Thu Jul 30, 2015 7:50 pm

Hello everyone,

In this topic there are written the rules of our forum and there are described all the sections.

Let's start with the sections.


If you are a new user this is the place where you have to post your first topic here. in this topic you have to write a little description of yourself, so the community can understand who you are!
in this section you can post just once!

In these section the creation of new topics and posting messages is just allowed to the staff. Here you can find information about the page, events, changes, etc etc.... keep yourself updated!

Here you can share your best drawings of Cheep! the best drawings will be published on Cheep_corner on instagram!
Don't be selfish! remember to see the drawings of other people inside the community and comment them! and remember: dont spam!

This is the perfect section to learn new style of drawing! open posts where you ask something you want to know about art styles.
Create also tutorials (ex: "how to draw mickey mouse" or "how to use tempera") helping new artist to improve!

In this section you can share characters invented by you! be proud of your work and share it!

Here you can share every kind of art that cant be posted in other section (ex: "Painting of a sunset drawn by me")

In the play zone the community can invent games that require forum posts to be played. one example will be written in the section

Here you can simply talk about everything! (ex: "let's talk about the iPhone6")

Do you have any fresh idea that can help the community and cheep corner? perfect! share it on a post in this section! your ideas can change the community for the better!

ok guys this is the Alpha version of the forum's rules. tomorrow I'm  going to write the general rules!

<--touch them to feed them!! thanks Very Happy

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― Steve Jobs

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